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Kieffer Merino Half Pad

Kieffer Merino Half Pad - 1

Kieffer Merino Half Pad

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Of the highest quality, these are made from medically tanned Australian Merino skins. A feature is the wide clear spine to avoid filling the saddle’s channel.  Genuine lambskins have a high therapeutic value. The main benefits of using a genuine lambskin are:

Stimulating air and blood circulation which results in very efficient temperature regulation, therefore creating warmth in the winter and reducing heat in the summer and reduce pressure points.

High absorption capacity - excess moisture is wicked away from the skin surface and held in the wool structure creating a drier more comfortable feeling.

Antibacterial – with natural antibacterial qualities odors are neutralized quickly.

Care Instructions:

Lambskins are inherently stain resistant and low-maintenance, with natural self-cleaning properties. To assist these properties it is important to regularly brush out with a lite brush and air the lambskin. This helps neutralized oders and promotes the recovery of the wool structure.

Minor stains can be removed with a damp cloth

For heavier stains or dirt the saddle pad can be machine washed on a delicate or wool cycle at max water temperature of 30 ° C. It is also important to use detergents which are specially developed for lambskins.

Rinse the lambskin in clean water and then brush out any excess water by hand.

The lambskin should be dried in an airy, shaded place, not under direct heat or sunlight.

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