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Harry's Horse - Chique Patent Snaffle Bridle

Harry's Horse - Chique Patent Snaffle Bridle

Price: $85.00AUD inc GST
Sale Price: $85.00

Leather bridle with noseband. The luxurious, wide noseband with lacquer 4CM wide (incl. White padding) and is anatomically formed around the bit, with special, anatomical, padded headpiece. Elegant narrow straps to include the throat strap. Equipped with luxurious hanging browband, with lacquer and brilliant AB crystals. Billet fastenings on cheeks and reins. The bridle comes with webbed reins. (Bit not included).




Helpful Tips:

Bear in mind that some bridle manufacturers, particularly German and French makers, produce roomier bridles than others. The difference in bridle sizes may mean that if you have a horse that fits on the smaller end of full size, you may be able to move down to a cob size. Conversely, if your horse is wavering between full and oversized, you can most likely stick with a full size in a German or French made bridle.

NOTE: One currently left in Black, Cob.

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